12 Meal Planning Tips For Beginners | Indian Weekly Meal Planning in Hindi

Hello Bees!! In today’s video I am going to show you how you can start meal plan in a very simple way to organize your busy life. Here I have shared my own experienced tips/tricks on how to start meal planning. It will help you to be efficient in the kitchen and will minimize your cooking time. Happy meal planning bees.

12 Tips :
1. Keep it “VERY” simple.
2. Use “Mobile Photo” of your meal plan.
3. Start with a “Note book & Pen”.
4. Make a “Master List”.
5. Make “Category list”.
6. Make list according to your “Diet Plan”.
7. Try new recipes “Once/twice a week”.
8. List out your favorite “website/channel name”.
9. Keep your notebook near “kitchen area”.
10. Be prepared for next day.
11. Always make it “double”.
12. Use any functional notebook/planner to keep yourself motivated.


You can find detailed “Breakfast Ideas” list-


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