Top 10 Foods for the Grill

Grill up these foods and you’ll be in for a treat! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Foods for the Grill. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►► For this list, we’re looking at foods that taste delicious after being cooked on a grill. Special thanks to our […]

Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day

Why has Nutrition been so complicated? This video tells the story about why 3 meals a day is unnecessary and how eating ONE meal a day can make being healthy much simpler. ▲Patreon: ▲Twitter: [Had a lot of great questions so I made a FAQ!] [based on this blog post▶︎ ] 0:00 […]

Whole Foods Haul + My Vegan Diet Update!

Sharing my recent Whole Foods purchases and a little about my vegan-ish diet! ITEMS SHOWN:: BOCA Veggie Ground Crumbles BOCA Spicy Chik’n Veggie Patties CIAO BELLA Sicilian Blood Orange Sorbetto GIMME LEAN Ground Sausage Style Veggie Protein FOLLOW YOUR HEART Vegan Gourmet Cheddar Shreds LUCY’S Snack ‘n Go Packs Assorted Cookies EARTH BALANCE Soy Free […]

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally: 3 Inexpensive Foods You Should Know About — Type 2 Diabetes is one of the easiest diseases to completely reverse through diet and lifestyle alone. Start by adding more of these 3 inexpensive foods to your diet. Grab the video transcript at the link above. Are you at risk for diabetes? Take this quiz to find out: Share this video: […]

What I’ve Learned After 30+ Years on a Raw Food Diet Imagine living over 30 years on a raw food, vegan diet. Well, Dr. Robert Lockhart has done it and has learned a great deal along the way. Enjoy this interview as Dr. Robert Lockhart shares his experiences of eating a low fat, raw food diet. Connect with Dr. Graham & FoodnSport: Web – […]

4 Finger Foods For Your Party Platter

Check us out on Facebook! – Shrimp Cups With Chunky Avocado Salsa Serves 12- Makes 24 cups INGREDIENTS Cups 6 flour tortillas 2 tablespoons butter, melted Shrimp 1 pound (450 grams) shrimp ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon paprika ½ teaspoon chili powder ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper 2 cloves […]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Meal Plan (426 GRAMS PROTEIN!)

Eat like an athlete and build ripped, rock-like muscle here Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one big man, and he eats like one too! In this video, I break down the Rock’s daily diet and meal plan to show you what he eats at every meal. In a recently published Muscle and Fitness magazine […]

How To Meal Prep For The Entire Week | Bodybuilding Shredding Diet Meal Plan

Meal Plans & Online Coaching: ► 10% off all Purbolics Aminos using code “RJF10” @ Full Meal Plan: Meal 1 – (224g) Flank Steak + (112g) Sweet Potato Meal 2 – (224g) Chicken Breast + (100g) Cooked Brown Rice + (84g) Broccoli Meal 3 – (80g) Old Fashioned Oatmeal + (14g) Coconut Oil + […]