COMPLETE MEAL PLAN For Gaining Size on a Tight Budget (College Student Edition)


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Your broke. DEAD BROKE. And you don’t feel like selling any organs to raise money for food. But you want to gain some size. WHAT do you do!?

Step 1: Watch this video
Step 2: FOLLOW What I say in this video

This will get you bigger on a budget. Its a full meal plan, grocery list and budget for gaining size. And its healthy, and maybe even kind of tasty. You have a RIDICULOUS amount of protein and with the lentils you`ll have MORE than enough fibre to be shitting every day. And most of this stuff will make you save on the TOTAL number of trips to the grocery store, saving you time.

This is the MOST cost effective way to gain size while not eating Ramen noodles. FUCK Ramen noodles. If you have $45 dollars a week to spend, you can get anabolic.

I’ve come up with the perfect eating template. Here it is.

7AM Breakfast
3 Boiled Eggs
½ Cup of cooked lentils

10AM Light Breakfast Shake
1 Scoop Whey
1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter

12:30PM Post-Work Out Shake
2 Scoop Whey
1 Banana

2PM Post Work Out Meal
3 Boiled Eggs
1/2 Cup of cooked lentils

4PM 1 Can of Tuna
Mix with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

7PM Dinner
200 grams of lean raw meat, then cook it
Cook with 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
Green veggies

9PM Snack
1 Scoop Whey
1 Scoop Peanut Butter

Your DAILY Macronutrient Numbers ARE
Calories 2400
Protein 270 grams
Carbs 145 grams
Fat 81 grams

This is a perfect ratio of high protein, high fibre carbs and healthy fats.

You will USE These Amounts Per Day

125 Grams of Lentils
6 Whole Eggs
2 Tablespoons of Natural Peanut Butter
1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
200 grams of Lean Meat
1 Can of Tuna
1 Banana
4 Scoops Protein Powder

MONTHLY Groceries
MONTHLY COST (30 DAYS): $191.9

In the description below I break down EVERYTHING, the quantities you’ll need for a month, and the total cost. Please note something important, substitutes of the same type are completely fine. Meaning that instead of lentils, beans are fine, instead of pork, beef is fine and so forth.

BUY 4 MONTHS worth Whey Protein at True Protein for massive discount (Link HERE: with discount CODE OUF142.
MONTHLY cost for 120 scoops: $54.4

Eggs $3.25 for 18, buy 180 eggs (or 10 packs of 18)

Can of Tuna (Buy this in BULK at a place like Costco, they sell a tub), works out to $1.10 a CAN
MAX for MONTHLY total of $33.0

Raw Lentils: You can buy 10LB pack for $13.00 MAX MONTHLY COST: $13

NATURAL Peanut Butter $2.50 a LB so $5 for 2LB. MONTHLY COST: $5

EXTRA VIRIGIN OLIVE OIL This is once again cheap in bulk. Buy one litre or more. You use 1 tablespoon per day, buy 1 litre for $9.00, but you`ll use 500ML a month roughly. MONTHLY COST: $4.50

LEAN CUT of MEAT This is Your MOST EXPENSIVE Part. But you NEED diversity and animal meat, you are a man afterall. Pork is probably the cheapest and you can get lean roasts, sirloins and tenderloins for easily $2.99 a pound. You use 200 grams per day or you need 6KG a MONTH. So at about $5.99 per KG, you`ll spend MONTHLY COST: $36.00

Bananas Are CHEAP. They should be $0.49 per pound MAX. You consume 1 per day so for a month, 30 bananas are about $4.50. MONTHLY COST: $4.50

If you need MORE than 2400 calories, add some more lentils, a little bit of peanut butter and then some whey. You can easily pass 3000 calories for next to NOTHING.

Now please note I did NOT include any green vegetables but they beyond important for your body and with any additional cash that is what I would recommend FIRST.

Follow this plan to get stay lean while gaining size. I want to hear from YOU any other TIPS you have my subscribers about eating on a budget! And I want to thank quickly whoever the nice subscribers are who told True Protein that I recommend their protein powder for free because now they are giving you guys 5% off by entering this code: OUF142. We are a nation, a nation of buffness and make sure to subscribe to support the BUFF.

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