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Mini Happy Meal! Here is the complete set of 8 McDonald’s Happy Meal Magic Happy Meal Maker Sets!

Lucky Penny Thoughts: It has taken 8 weeks to get to this final video for the McDonald’s Happy Meal Sets! It was important to us to make them better and also take suggestions from our subscribers to see more recipes and other ways to possibly cook the mini food items. I knew at the end of the 8 week series I had to do one final video with all of the sets in action! This is it! Getting to the last step and setting out all of the mini happy meal items was well worth the time and effort it took! Plus I got to eat it all again at the very end. If I had to pick a favorite set, it would be the Apple Pie Maker, then the McNugget Maker.


▶▶ McDonalds Makers ◀◀
Sets 1&2 (1:09)
McDonald’s Pie Maker

McDonald’s Cookie Maker

Sets 3&4 (5:57)
McDonald’s Chicken McNugget

McDonald’s Frozen Fruit Maker

Sets 5&6 (11:41)
McDonald’s Shake Maker

McDonald’s Drink Fountain

Sets 7&8 (13:02)
McDonald’s Fry Maker

McDonald’s Hamburger Maker

Recap 18:18

Slide Show 25:23

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