Nissin Noodles – The Instant Meal with a Lasting Legacy – Healthy Lunch ?

Nissin Noodles – The Instant Meal with a Lasting Legacy

This episode describes the birth of instant noodles and the technology that turned this modest staple of the Japanese diet into a global phenomenon.

A struggling businessman, Momofuku Ando invented instant noodles 55 years ago. He developed a technique called “flash-frying”, in which moisture is removed for better preservation, while locking in flavor. This way, the noodles can be reconstituted by simply pouring hot water over them.

Convenience and good taste assured instant noodles would please the palate of people the world over. Ando’s altruistic nature, which inspired him to develop the product to alleviate poverty and suffering, also led him to release the patent. Manufacturers worldwide adopted the flash-frying technique, helping to make instant noodles the world’s favorite comfort food.

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