Would You Eat It? 10 Weird Foods We Dare You To Try

Top 10 most disgusting delicacies in the world!
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It’s often easy to forget that the area of the world we live in can be far different when compared to other places on the planet. With over 6 billion people spread across the globe in nearly 200 countries, there are a lot of very different ethnicities, cultures and lifestyles that make up the human race. For most of us, the world we live in is, and will remain, relatively small. We are accustomed to specific types of music, religion, clothing and daily routine. Even if we travel, we’re likely to head to destinations which have many of the same characteristics we are familiar with in our home life. Of course, should you travel a little off the beaten path of life, it is likely one thing you will come across which is noticeably different from what you are used to is food.
A significant aspect of what sets many of the countries of the world apart from each other is related to cuisine. Travel a few hours by plane in nearly any direction and you’ll see that aside from the familiar chain restaurants which are almost everywhere, the food can be quite different from the grub you like to eat at home. There you may not find the burger or spaghetti dish you are used to. Instead, menus are comprised of dishes which are unique to the region and reliant upon such things as traditional customs and availability. For instance, island nations can have a heavy diet of fish and seafood related products. Head to one of these destinations with an aversion to seafood and you may have a tough time satisfying your appetite.
No matter what part of the world you talk about, almost every country or region is known for one or two signature dishes or foods. In many instances, this food can be considered special or a delicacy which can be rare, expensive or only made for special events. In the western world most people are familiar with such delicacies as truffles, caviar, lobster and escargot – which we’re sure most of you find to be disgusting. Nonetheless, we’re not the only ones who have an array of rare, expensive or special treats for consumption. Head out into the rest of the world and you can find an array of local delicacies which, for the most part, can be very good. That said, we’re sure there are a lot of foods considered by locals to be delicacies that would send most of us gagging as we tried to down them.
The following video looks at some of these ‘special’ delicacies. To be honest, for the North American and western pallet, the following disgusting delicacies enjoyed around the world likely have us running out the door and looking for the nearest golden arches. Ahead you’ll find an array of disgusting foods for a variety of countries. Each delicacy is disgusting for a different reason. As you’ll see, everything from taste and smell to looks and texture are represented here when we talk about what qualifies as disgusting.

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Kopi Luwak
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Century Egg
Fruit Bat Soup
Casu Marzu

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